Neutrogena Naturals, Freeman Beauty, RollerLash + More!


I have been updating my beauty bag with new products lately, three of which (Neutrogena Naturals, Freeman Beauty, and RollerLash) I received for free via Influenster and Klout. Now, I know I’m transitioning to organic and natural beauty products, but old habits can be hard to break.  I am doing better, though!  Check out some […] Read more…

The Lotus Bracelet


Do you know what your beads mean?  Last week after brunch, some friends and I stopped by a booth and took a peek at some handmade bracelets… you know, the ones with the beads.  They come in many different bead colors, some adorned with charms and are normally unisex ranging in bead size of 8mm […] Read more…

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