African Black Soap Uses

African Black Soap (ABS) is skin and hair care’s best kept secret.  I was first introduced to it by one of my line sisters who had started using it for facial cleansing.  After witnessing its wonders and researching it, I decided to give it a try.  There are many african black soap uses, and here I cover a couple of my favorites for sure!
Plagued with acne in my younger years and facing random outbreaks in my adult years, I decided to try this to keep my blemishes at bay.  Initially, I used it by itself for my face only.  I noticed a difference in my skin within three days.  It was soft and my blemishes began to vanish.  I also noticed that using it as a cleansing agent pre make-up removal left my skin so fresh and so clean, clean.  Additionally, when followed by a small drop of jojoba oil, my skin was feeling its best – non-greasy and fully moisturized. Note: It is not proven that ABS gets rid of acne, but rather it just keeps the skin clean.
In a bind after running out of soap in the shower, I grabbed my ABS to use as a washing agent only to discover using it on my body had it feeling smooth to the touch, just as my face had been experiencing.  I decided to keep using it and my skin was in the best shape it had ever been – unblemished and soft. Why did it take me so long to figure that out?!
My brother recently gave me another small block of it, so I decided to use it for another purpose this time – shampoo.  ABS lathers nicely, so it was no surprise that I had a nice lather going in my head.  As I begin to wash it out, my hair didn’t feel stripped like it typically does with other shampoos and my scalp was squeaky clean.  Hands down, it is BY FAR the best cleanser I have used for my hair. #winning
Twists for a Twist Out after ABS cleansing
Results of Twist Out (from tutorial below)

I’ve learned that to keep my precious commodity useable, I have to store it in saran wrap or a zip lock baggie in a cool, dry place.  My brother recently told me he can get a brick of the soap for the low-low, so we will be splitting it! #win

Looking for ABS? You can find it at flea markets, African stores, organic supermarkets, or even online. It’s relatively inexpensive and a little goes a LONG way, so it will last a while.  No expiration dates on the product!
Because it is derived from natural ingredients and is effective, I highly recommend this soap for skin care and shampooing – Best. Soap. Ever. For more information about ABS, you can visit this site.


  • I have been diggin’ ABS for a while now and love it. As you said – a little goes a long way. I buy it in different sizes and just cut off a very small piece – about the size of a small bread crouton – for each washing. I’ve found that this method preserves the larger brick for future use.

    Love the site – keep the good info coming!

  • Hey love! I love this blog:) questions? Where can I buy ABS and raw unrefined shea butter? I use shea butter on my body but its the REALLY YELLOW KIND. it says 100% shea butter but I dont know if thats the one you are talking about

  • Hey girl! Your Shea Butter sounds like the same one I use. I get my ABS from that African store in the mall; however, I have also gotten it from Earthfare. I think Whole Foods may carry it as well.