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MANE Events – Flaxseed Braid Out (Day 2)

Last night was insane.  I was without a phone for the majority of the night, so I was stressed to say the least.  Doing my hair was the last thing that came to my mind.  In saying that, it wasn’t until late last night that I decided I would rebraid my hair.  I installed approx. 8 big braids (no product) and slept in my satin scarf.  This morning, I took my braids out, but did not like the definition in the front (must have been the direction I braided), so I twisted it up and got this:

As you know (if you viewed this, this and this) I mostly finger style as to not mess up the definition from the day before.  I actually have gotten a lot of compliments on this today, so I take it that it looks halfway decent.  The flaxseed gel did give me a slight hold, and I like that.  It’s not crunchy at all, and it slightly reminds me of the Aloe Vera gel that I use.  I still am unsure as to whether or not I want to rebraid or do mini twists… I guess we shall see.