MANE Events – How to Clean a Flat Iron

More often than not, I wear my hair in its natural state; however, occasionally I will develop an itch to have straight locks. Flat irons are the ultimate hair utensil in making sure my hair is “blowing in the wind” (inside joke).   I have had my flat iron for years now (purchased from my beautician), and I will keep it as long as I can (I barely use it as it is, so why purchase a new one?)  In order to get optimum results when I do decide to flat iron my mane, I make sure to keep it clean from residue.  Here’s how to clean a flat iron:
    1. Either plug-in my flat iron or unplug it right after I have used it.  When I flat iron my hair, I use heat protectant and/or oils, which may cause residue as a result of being heated.  The heat from the iron will cause whatever residue to become loose enough to handle and remove. Remember, if you decide to plug it in to clean it, let it get hot and then UNPLUG THE FLAT IRON BEFORE HANDLING IT WITH WATER. No electrocutions, please.
    2. With a wet washcloth or rag, wipe off the residue as best as possible.  Using a wet rag will allow for me to get all of the excess products off of the iron plates.  I always remember to look on the edges and clean along there as well.
Results of Flat Ironed Hair
  1. Follow up with a dry rag to remove the more stubborn stains.  Brown stains? Nothing that a little scrubbing action can’t remove. Still not budging?  Repeat step two.
  2. Completely dry my flat iron plates and store for later use.  I keep my flat iron under my bathroom sink with all of my other heat supplies and hair products.  Although I know I should avoid this, I wrap the cord around the plates to make sure they aren’t exposed to other chemicals and/or water.
Before my next usage, I re-examine the plates to make sure they are clean.  I also use a dry towel or rag to wipe them down before I use the flat iron.  Happy Straightening!
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