MANE Events – Just hair, don’t care! – Short Hair

Top left: Natural 2008;
Top Right/Bottom Left: Relaxed 2006/2007;
Bottom Right: Natural 2011
My hair has seen THE MOST changes.  I’ve had it long, short, flipped, Beyonce’d, dyed, curled, straight, and shaved.  I live by the philosophy “It’s just hair.  It will grow back.” (Props to Mom for instilling that in me).

I remember the first time I got my hair cut…
drastically cut circa 2005/2006.  I went to the salon expecting to get a cut that allowed for less volume on the sides of my hair and more length in the front (I have extremely thick hair).  I consulted with the stylist, we came to a mutual agreement on what I wanted, and she began to chop… with a razor… with way more hair on the floor than I had planned.  My body went into instant shock.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even scream… Needless to say, I came out the salon with a fistful of tears and way less hair than I had planned to lose that day.  It was pretty much shaved in the back due to the fact I had to get someone else to go back and fix the mess that girl made on my hair  (btw, I got my money back).

I was distraught for the next couple of weeks.  I honestly didn’t know what to do with my hair and didn’t feel like myself.  I thought of a beautician I had visited once in the city, called her up and scheduled an appointment to see what she could do to my hair.  The magic she worked with my short hair was unreal.  I went back weekly to get an edge up, wash and style.  She kept me looking fly.  From then on, she was the ONLY and I mean ONLY person I have trusted with shears near my hair (color to, for that matter).  She helped nurse my hair back to a comfortable length.
Fast forward to 2008, I was transitioning to become natural.  Due to the summer heat and the effects it had on my hair, I was more than ready to chop off all my relaxed ends.  In comes drastic haircut number two, only this time, I was ready – mentally and emotionally.  I wanted to be free of the madness on my head.  I embraced my natural, but more importantly, I embraced my shrinkage.  My hair was SHORT, but I loved it.

I let it grow out, cutting it a little a long the way (trims, getting rid of damaged ends #heatdamage, and cutting to get a shape).  Recently, I decided to go drastic again, except this time I would only cut the sides.  I debated for weeks on how I would approach this haircut… did I want my stylist to do it?  Did I want to go to the barber?  Finally, I decided on the “how-to” of everything – watch YouTube.  I stayed up the better half of the night watching videos on how to shave the sides of my hair, looking at pictures of people with shaved sides, and watching what not to do to my hair. #horrorstories  I decided the next morning to go to Sally’s, purchase some clippers, and cut my hair… and I did!  I love it more and more everyday.  It couldn’t be edgier and fit my personality perfectly.  And should I ever get into a funk about my hair, I always remind myself, “It’s just hair.  It will grow back” and then I hear my mother’s voice chiming in … “And if it doesn’t grow back, go buy some.” Thanks Mom.  -___-

Have you ever cut your hair?  How did it make you feel?

  • I love it! it suits you. thanks for sharing your story….oh btw I love your Mom

    Kelli Wilhelm

  • Ahh…such a simple, yet powerful phrase. Thanks boo for sharing your philosophy with me. Sometimes you aren’t prepared for drastic changes, but there’s nothing like a mother’s wisdom to pull you through (well in my case, an auntie). It may not be automatic, but a gradual acceptance will do!:)