MANE Events – Mini Twists

After a two day think over, I have decided to install mini twists.  After 4.5 hours of twisting, I am thoroughly pleased.  They turned out nicely and I didn’t have to apply a lot of product since my hair was still moisturized from the flaxseed gel I applied earlier in the week.  I did add a little more product to my ends to make sure they were well coated (flaxseed gel and Shea butter).  I also styled them in a protective style as to not expose my ends to that disrespectful rain we had today.

Top Pic: Just started twisting / Bottom Pics: Finished Style

Since twists are already a protective style in itself, wearing up-dos and other styles will protect my strands double time! #winning

Because I have fine strands, I twist small so that my hair will look fuller.  I will probably keep them for about a week… don’t know if I want to keep them for New Year’s or not.  I can’t wait to play around with styles.  When I have my hair in mini twists, it mimics my loose hair so I can set them on rollers, braid them up, wear them down… the possibilities are endless!  So, how will you have your hair styled for Christmas?

  • I don’t know what it is… I want to but, I just cant do it! I think its too time consuming for me… Im just not patient enough, lol. They look awesome though!

  • Talk about patience… Something I have learned to grasp. I watch movies while I’m twisting and it helps me to not think about it. You could also twist in sections per night/day if you wanted to, but that isn’t for me. I like to just get it done!! The longest time it took me to twist before was 6 hours and they were MICRO. #neveragain

  • Scates

    That’s EXACTLY what I do….twist in sections. Nothing a cute hat/beanie/etc can’t hide for a couple days lol..