MANE Events – Twistout Tutorial Night Time Prep

I have recently uploaded a video on YouTube under the name “askproy” on how I twist my hair at night and style a twist out.

I typically use the “pineapple method” on my hair, but when I want more definition, I will use this twisting method. It is nothing special, however you will notice throughout the video that I do not use a combing utensil on my strands. I think that finger combing, especially on older, stretched hair, is all that is necessary. Too much stress on my strands can lead to breakage due to high manipulation… no bueno.
You will also notice that I take great care with my ends. I make sure they are moisturized before I start twisting since they need to be healthy at all times.
Stay tuned for the results!
  • Lol! You’re so frikkin cute! Ok….trying this tomorrow! “take care.”


  • Do you have to be completely natural for this to work or can your hair be in transition?

  • You could try it as a transition style. Because I used the rollers on the ends, it may work out that it will be curly. Give it a try and let me know your results!

  • Ok. I will. Thanks