Check Your Servings

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 Eating from a smaller plate such as a salad plate may seem as if you’re depriving yourself of essential nutrients, yet chances are, you are actually eating the correct serving size for your meal. This is called portion control. Controlling your portion sizes will help you better understand habits of overeating and will help you regain control over your weight.  Knowing the serving size can also help you eat healthier.

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I often find myself buying an item in bulk or in large quantities, and dividing out the correct portion size to smaller baggies that I can grab and go. Take Oreos, for example. Did u know 2 Oreos are the serving size for the caloric intake found on the label? Did you know when you eat four Oreos, you will need to double all the numbers on the back? A medium fry at a fastfood joint is normally double the servings that you actually need (value fry is the correct size). A chicken breast (or any piece of meat for that matter) should only be the size of your actual palm.  A serving of nuts should not exceed an ounce and those Flaming Hot Cheetos you like to snack on until the bag is gone?  21 pieces is a correct portion size for the label (and who just eats 21 pieces?! I mean really, though…)  Feeling some type of way, huh? Educate yourself and learn portion sizes by reading the back of labels. Oh, and buying those smaller plates will help keep everything in perspective!

Here is a fun picture I found to help you visualize actual serving sizes with a free instrument – your hands!

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