MANE Events – Signature Twistout Video Tutorial

My protective style challenge is finally over! *does a happy dance*  21 days of keeping my hands out of my hair (except for wash days) was a lot to withstand, but I enjoyed the styles that I came up with.  I think I will do them ONCE in a while, but I like to keep my options open.  I don’t particularly care for PSC because I feel boxed in and it’s not like I HAVE to do it, yanno?  I just decided to torture myself… Because that’s not the ONLY way hair grows.  Healthy hair comes with proper care, but enough of that.

You don’t even understand how much I missed my coif… it’s unreal.  I twisted my hair on unwashed (been since Saturday), stretched hair and used my trusty perm rods (blue) to set them.  In the morning, I unraveled them and VOILA!:

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I can’t wait until tomorrow when it is even bigger!  I love the fact that my shaved sides, although they have caused me to lose some volume, are completely disguised.  My natural hair is so versatile and awesome (yea, it’s awesome)!  I recorded the following video to supplement the written tutorial I already have for this style.  I actually substituted my Shea Moisture for the flaxseed gel.  I still got similar results, but I am in love with my flaxseed gel.  My hair is so shiny and so moisturized because of it, and it’s really easy to make and maintain.

Enjoy the video.  I am also taking video requests… I’ll be uploading another one soon! xoxo.

  • SJP

    I loved the video Proy! Thank you for sharing, cause you know that I DO NOT know how to do anything with my puff, lol!

  • Aww! I missed your curls!