MANE Events – Tangle Teezer

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It’s almost like magic in that it’s surreal.  This Tangle Teezer has decreased my detangling time by more than half of the time it used to take me.  It also doesn’t snag my hair #angelicawh

Just one problem…

why didn’t I find this sooner?  I’ve tried the Denman brush (actually it was a knock off), but it still would snag my hair with the little beads on the tip of the bristles (and it might have been because it was a knock off).  Not knocking it or anything, but I just love my Tangle Teezer.  Dry or wet hair… long or short… she’s amazing.  It’s like “My Buddy” … wherever I go, she goes.  I shower with her.  I watch TV with her.  She even has her own special place in my cabinet.  I got mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply – Maybe 9 Bucks!

Oh, how I love thee.