MANE Events – Short Natural Hair – Kristen Medley

Recently, my sister from another mister (can I say that?!) decided to wear her hair in it’s natural state! I was so elated to see her curls I immediately asked her if I could feature her. See, she has a short cut that is very sassy and edgy, so when I saw her curls my jaw literally DROPPED.  I asked her to share some information with you about her short hair.
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How long have you been natural?
8 months
Why did you decide to sport a short cut oppose to having long hair?
Originally when I first cut my hair short in 2008 I was just looking for a new look. I had long hair my entire life so I was ready for a major change. Also, because my head and face are so small I felt like long hair was starting to take over my face. Short hair makes me feel more polished, gives me a more mature look and I love the versatility of my short hair.
I remember you having a relaxer before. Why did you not opt to relax your short hair this time?
I only got relaxers about 2-3 times a year. The relaxer never really stripped my hair of its natural curls it was just a little more manageable. So over time I realized that I probably never needed one to begin with. In June 2010 I decided to try to grow my hair long. I grew it back to about shoulder length but I just couldn’t deal with it. So in May 2011 I cut my hair really short again. Most of the relaxer was cut out so I just decided to leave it that way. And with the help of my hairstylist I was able to still wear it in my usual straight styles or wear it curly.
How do you maintain the straight style without damaging your curls?
My amazing hairstylist, Kal, uses Catwalk shampoo and conditioner by Tigi which really keeps my hair moisturized. But when I’m not getting my hair done by him, I do it myself. (I used the same shampoo and conditioner he uses in the salon at home).
I try to use as little heat as possible and to keep my hair moisturized. I use a hood dryer instead of blow drying my hair. Also I don’t use a flat iron on my hair everyday. I style my hair once with a flat iron when I first wash it and just leave it alone the remaining days. I also use a pomade. This keeps my hair from looking dry and it gives my hair a medium to firm hold and lots of shine without making it feel greasy.
How often do you wear it straight vs. in it’s natural state?
I wear my hair straight about 95% of the time. Most of the time if I’m wearing it in its natural state it’s in the summer time and I’m swimming or at the beach.
Any other comments you would like to make about your hair:
Recently I have decided to try to embrace my natural curls more often. It is a lot easier to just wash my hair and go, but I’m still trying to feel comfortable wearing my hair in it’s natural state.
Honey, you are fierce – curly or straight! WORK!!
Inspired, much? You should be.  Long or short, natural hair is very versatile and can be styled in so many ways.
About the DIVA pictured:
Kristen Alicia Medley is 24 years old. She is a native of and currently resides in Baltimore, MD. She is a lover of dance, music, fashion and beauty and is a fashion contributor to the blog