Updates & DE Review

New look, same content.  I really like the simplicity of everything.  Very clean, very refreshing, and very me.

I actually was looking for some type of logo that would represent Steel Feather. Lace Elephant.  I came up with this, made it, and here it is now.  What do you think?!  It’s subject to change, depending on if I want to add more or subtract, but the concept should remain the same.

I went to my first ever Zumbathon today!! Let me just say that I got a workOUT.  YA GIRL GOT MOVES!! No, but really it was very enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind going to Zumba throughout the week… I guess it’s something to think about.

Texture Shot
Removed Twist Style

But the real reason I was looking forward to Zumba was so that I could finally take my hair down from the twist style.  It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I just wanted a change.  I’m like that, yanno?  Can’t keep a style in my head for too long… that’s why I don’t even know why I go through the trouble of twisting, braiding, or whatever else I do to my hair that is a protective style.

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Speaking of which, this is my last full week of protective styling… actually, it may have already been 21 days… actually, on the 25th it will be 21 days. But I am going to try it one more time.  Who knows?  I may upkeep this regimen.  It is very easy for me to get ready in the mornings for work, I don’t have to worry about a routine at night of maintaining a style, and I don’t really have to worry about my hair.  However, I MISS MY FRO (and so does he). #endrant

Forgot a twist – Oops!
Diggin’ these results

I have washed my hair with the Desert Essence shampoo and conditioner!  The smell is AMAZING – simply amazing.  I could smell that all day.  I liked the fact that the openings of the bottles were sealed, I just wish I had known before I got in the shower to wash my hair.  – ___ –

The consistency of the shampoo wasn’t running, it was actually very creamy and immediately I was in love with the scent.  During wash, it  did not strip my hair or make it have a rough texture, you know… that dry feel.  It gave me a good lather and made my scalp very clean.

The conditioner wasn’t all I hoped it would be.  I wanted to get more moisture from it, something I get from my Tresemme Naturals, but it lacked in that department.  I was able to finger comb/comb through my hair in the shower without a real problem which was a plus.  I was just a little disappointed with the moisture it delivered post rinse.  Maybe next time, I will add in a little bit of oil or just use another conditioner in conjunction with that one.  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t really love it.

Freshly Washed Hair – Poppin’ Curls

Would I buy it again? The shampoo – YES!  The conditioner?  Maybe another type.  I would really love the try the Apple or the Red Grape to see if there is any difference.  Believe one thing:  I will use this conditioner until it’s GONE.  We don’t waste around these parts…

Next up – Styling!

  • Like the new logo! I want to smell this DE shampoo & conditioner… And you’re right, we don’t waste ’round lehm-oh-two!! Lol 🙂

  • Thanks girl!  You know I’m funny about smells… especially coconut, so if I say it smells good it’s gotta be on point. LOL