MANE Events – Four Reasons Why You Should Transition


Thinking about traveling down the natural path for your hair journey?  Here are four reasons why you should consider it if you have not:

To Find Yourself:  I’m not saying this is the only way you can find yourself (by cutting your hair), but it is a good way to get into touch with the “you” you want to love.  When I first cut my hair, I was no longer able to hide behind my locks – it was me against the world and I had to conquer it head on with a new set of eyes.  As my hair began to grow and I started to experiment with it more, my lifestyle evolved.  It was like I almost had an attitude change – an epiphany.  My style and my eating habits changed, but that’s because I wanted to be a better me.  With newness comes a new attitude, a new outlook, and new you.  Change is inevitable; growth is optional.

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To Save Money:  Getting relaxers put a dent in my pocket, and yea, once every six weeks – what’s the big deal?  Well the upkeep is the big deal!  I shelled out money for the relaxer and visited the salon once every 2 weeks (once a week with my short coif).  And yes, I know how to do my hair, but even the maintenance at home was costly – investing in tools, materials and products that wouldn’t cause further damage to already fragile strands.  Since being natural, there are days, even weeks, where I can go without doing WAY too much to my hair.  Wash N Go’s kept me fresh in the summer (with my TWA) and twist sets or even twist outs can keep me from having to do too much or shell out too much money to deal with it!  Vacays and trips are easy because I don’t have to lug around a flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer + the products to do/set my hair (so you know what that means – no check in bag, WOOT)! $$$

To Have Maintain a Healthy Scalp:  Have you ever seen Chris Rock’s documentary on “Good Hair”?  After I saw what the relaxer did to that soda can (although I was already natural) I vowed to not go back.    Chemically altering your hair with a relaxer puts unwanted chemicals not only on your scalp, but in your body.  The sulfur found in these relaxers can cause chemical burns that can lead to hair loss and permanent scabbing.  I would be lying to you if I didn’t say natural is not all about rocking the curls.  Yes, I embrace mine (my preference), but there are others who go natural just to maintain a balance of healthiness in their lives.  They wear their hair straight just as they did with the relaxer and you know what?! That’s ok!

Versatility:  From straight, to kinky, to curly, to braids/twists/locs… natural hair is as versatile as it comes.  Need I say more?