MANE Events – Straight Like…

After much deliberation, I finally decided to straighten my hair!  Yes, I actually took the time to get it straight and I love the results!  I haven’t straightened it since before I shaved the sides (which was back in November), so I was impressed by the length and by how straight it got.  Check me out!

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Tools/Products I used:
Blow Dryer (Any one will do, but you will get much better results with a ceramic blow dryer)
Flat Iron (Mine is so old, I don’t remember the name.  Got it from my beautician, though)
Fine Tooth Comb
Almond Oil
Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil
Silk Elements Heat Protectant Spray
John Frieda Hair Serum (Transform)
Chi Silk Infusion (Generic – Silk Remedy from Sally’s)
Washed and detangled my hair in the shower using Desert Essence Shampoo and Conditioner, along with  Giovanni’s Deep Conditioner and my Tangle Teezer.  Divided hair into six sections and twisted them.
From my twisted, detangled sections, I added Silk Elements and I used the tension method to blow dry my hair.  The tension method is when you apply tension to a section of your hair and use the blow dryer (I used the concentrator attachment, but you can use it without) and blow it out.  This took me about 25 minutes to complete.
Once all of my hair was blown out, I used Chi Silk Infusion and John Frieda (small amounts) all over my head.  I then proceeded to section off my hair (starting from the back) and use the oils (both combined) on those sections to assist in the flat ironing processes.  I know it sounds like I used a lot of product on my hair, but without the oils 1) my hair wouldn’t get as straight as I would like and 2) I would be freaking out wondering if I would acquire heat damage (it’s real in the streets and I just make sure to take the necessary precautions to avoid that).

While I flatiron, I chase my hair with a fine tooth comb to ensure that I am getting all of my strands to avoid having to redo my hair due to bushy ends.  I normally only make 1 pass, but occasionally I will have stubborn strands that will require two passes with the flat iron.  My flatiron only goes to 210 degrees, so it is on full throttle, thus another reason why I make sure to protect my hair.  *Note:  I did research on how hot my flatiron should be.  Here is a guide you can use if you are considering using heat on your hair.  When in doubt, seek a professional.
To preserve my flat ironed hair, I wrap it at night.  I apply some type of oil to my ends and believe it or not, it helps to keep my hair manageable.  I also try to use my fingers more than the comb to prevent snagging, and I’ll wrap my hair immediately if exposed to humidity.  I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT flatiron my hair in between time.  If my ends aren’t cooperating, I will use rollers and oil to set my hair in big curls.  Straight or curled, I can preserve this style for 2-3 weeks, depending on the weather and my mood.
I will probably do a search and destroy on my ends… those single strand knots get me every time!  I recorded videos on my blow drying method and my flat ironing method.  I will post those soon.
  • Ms. Rachel D.

    Love this post Sis 🙂 You’re gorgeous as usual!

  • Thanks Sis! :o)

  • I absolutely love it! You and your hair are super amazing:)

  • NaturalDOctor2be

    I just realized you are my Soror!! Love the results from your flat iron!! My hair is a similar texture as yours and about the same length!! Just found your blog and I love it!!