MANE Events – Bantu Knot Out Video Tutorial & Results

Twist Out – Bantu Knots – Bantu Knot Out 

From my previous post, I informed you all that I would be trying something different.  At first, I didn’t know if I wanted to wash my hair or not… and it turns out I didn’t.  However, I did attempt Bantu Knots.  I had not tried these since I first started going natural, so I was a bit nervous on what the outcome would be.  I actually really liked my results!  Was it everything I expected it to be?  Yea… no.   I enjoyed it nonetheless.  I love how it played on the colors in my hair.  My highlights looked amazing!

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I’m washing my hair tonight (it’s a love/hate relationship I have with my wash days) and I’m anxiously awaiting some type of epiphany that will lead me to a style.  Until then, watch my tutorial on how to make Bantu Knots and my actual live results… #comedy

  • Love this look on you!

    • Thanks Benaja!