MANE Events – Chunky & Funky Braid Out

I finally washed my hair!!! WOO HOO!!! *dougies to the butterfly and does a split*

My scalp loves me again, and I love the results of my braid out, my GAWD!

I shampooed with my usual, Desert Essence, and conditioned with Giovanni Deep Conditioner.  I detangled in the shower using my Tangle Teezer, t-shirt dried my hair, applied my Giovanni Direct Leave-In and styled with Shea Moisture and Avocado Oil.  I braided my hair in 8 big braids (no real parts or method to my madness) and that was it.

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 In the morning, I took my braids out and separated my hair.  It was MASSIVE and I loveeee it. 

On another note, I think sometimes people forget that I have my sides shaved (until I pull my hair back).  Imagine if I didn’t how big it would be!  I lost some density, but days like these you can’t even tell.  My hair is full, it has movement, and no one can even see a hint of shaved hair on the sides.  This is what you call versatility at it’s finest. 🙂


  • Kells, babe…  you’re far too kind! <3 Thanks 😉

  • Shannon Scates

    Braidouts are my fave!!! Looks great!