MANE Events – Mini Twists and Curls on the Side Tutorial

Curls still poppin’ at end of the day

The versatility of these mini twists are unfathomable.  Well, maybe you can kind of picture different styles, but most of the time people expect twists to be straight down or pulled back, when in actuality they can be styled just as locs can be styled.

I needed something elegant for a special event, a wedding, that I was to be participating in.  I’m not going to lie, sometimes I get nervous about my shaved sides because I don’t know how the level of elegance they can pull off, but they haven’t failed me so far so why fret?  I knew I wanted my hair out and curled in some type of way.  I decided on the following style:

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To achieve this look, I needed the following tools/products:
Perm Rods (blue)
Bobbi Pins
Moisturizer of Choice (I used Shea moisture)
Oil of Choice (to seal – I used Shea butter)

First, I decided on what side I wanted my hair to fall.  I spritzed that section with water (just to make it damp), applied my product and sealed it with the oil. I grabbed a small section of twists (enough to fit in the roller without extreme overlap), divided it into two strands and twisted them together.  The twist continued until about half way down.  The rest of the hair I rod set on the perm rod.  I used a bobbi pin to keep the twist relatively flat to my scalp and in the position in which I wanted them to fall as seen below.

Some twists I twisted further down, some I didn’t twist at all.  I wanted to create a layered effect so that my curls could cascade toward the side.  Come to think of it, this is similar to CurlyNikki’s Twist N Curl, but I have never tried it before so I was a bit nervous.  What if it just didn’t turn out right?  My doubts were soothed when I previewed my results:

I took out my rollers and bobbi pins and separated the curls.  I pinned my hair in such a way that it would stay in place for the duration of the day.  And guess what?!  My curls stood the test of time.  They lasted all day without faltering and they were a HUGE hit!

I pulled my hair back at night, not to preserve the curls, but to stretch them out a little.  I didn’t want to wear it curled to the side the next day… at least I didn’t think I did.  I had no style in mind, really.  However, I could have preserved the style by simply putting on a bonnet .

How would you style your mini twists for a special occasion such as a wedding?