MANE Events – Progression of the UpDo

Upper Right: Day 1; Lower Right: Day 5; Left: Day 7

I am trying to stretch the style out as long as possible!!  I unraveled my twists in the front this morning to create something different, and boy do I love the definition I have!  I did not further separate the twists to create more volume (I typically would but the definition is so good that I didn’t want to disturb the twists).  The results are so voluminous!  I still have the flat twists in the back and they are completely in tact (meaning, I did not unravel the twists at all).  I pinned it in such as way that no one can tell that I actually have some twists hidden in there.

This reminds me of that protective style challenge that I embarked on earlier this year.  Honestly, I very seldom manipulate my hair, even when it is out, big and in full “afro” effect.  I try to keep it simple, yet versatile.

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I’m thinking about washing it tonight, but I want to see if I can hold on one more day.  Maybe I’ll unravel them all and do something on old, stretched hair before I wash it.  I always wanted to try the bantu knot out, especially since my hair has grown (didn’t work for me before), so that may be something I will try.  Until the next time!