MANE Events – From Disaster to Success!

Disaster. I decided to take a stab at Bantu knots on my hair last night using Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue. I only had a little bit of product left, so I figured “what the heck?”  I didn’t want to throw it away, so I used what was remaining of it.  I’ve had successful Bantu knot outs before, but I have never used this product.  I now remember why I haven’t purchased a re-up of the product and why I only used it for braid outs…  

Using the product and nothing else, I put my hair into 7 knots and waited until morning to take down. They were thoroughly detangled (I washed the night before) and my hair was semi stretched from a braid-out that experienced shrinkage due to a premature take down. No biggie, though… Bantu knot outs stretch the hair even more, right? And from the looks of my take down (top right), my hairstyle looked promising.
WRONG! Right after I started separating it was like a wind storm over took my hair (bottom left)!! I should have known by the way my hair felt that it was about to be a hot mess on my head.  My hair wasn’t even moisturized – it felt very dry and waxy.  It wasn’t even “soft”.  I had a colossal of a bush on my head and I had to go to work!!!  What to do, what to do…

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I did what I do best – improvise. I quickly grabbed some bobbi pins and went to work! I didn’t care how the final outcome looked, as long as it looked better than that bird’s nest I already had.  Ultimately, I twisted the back upward, inserting a pin with every twist and turn.  The results?

It turned out nicely, very similar to my pin-up style.  It has volume in the inside (due to the crap of a curl my hair held), which makes me like it even more.  I walked into work today apprehensive due to today’s disaster when I was approached by a co-worker who said, “New do.  You always have something different.  I really like this pin-up!”  ALL SMILES, guys… you should have seen me cheesing.  God always has a ram in the bush – well, in my case, a hairstyle up my sleeve.  Even when nothing is looking promising and the day is off to a horrid start, the good overtakes the bad.  Thank God for allowing me to put a positive spin on my mood.

Have you every transformed your hair from hot mess to success?  What was the messed up style and what was the style you created from it?