MANE Events – High Twisted Bun (Tutorial)

A very cute, and easy style executed in 5 minutes or less.  This high bun adds a bit of flair and texture, and is a spinoff of the bun style found here.  Wanna know how to achieve this?

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Tools Needed:
Gel of choice (I used Eco Styler with Argon Oil)
Bobbi Pins/Hair Pins (at least four)
Hair Tie (preferably the one that double has a headband)

  • For starters, this style is best done on dry, stretched hair.  My hair was not so stretched as it drew up from the humidity it encountered, yet it was stretched enough to do what I needed it to do.
  • Spritz water all over head to make the hair more pliable.
  • Use gel to slick unruly hair.  I used it around my back hairline since my hair was acting some kind of way from the humidity.
  • Use a brush to brush hair in the upward high pony/puff position.
  • Secure hair with a hair tie.
  • Divide secured hair into four sections.
  • Loosely twist each section to make four fat twists.
  • Position and secure the ends of the twists so that they are pinned in a clockwise direction.
All done! 🙂  Simple, right?  Try it out.
What are some simple styles that you make in less than five minutes?