MANE Events – Loose Twists on Dry Hair

After wearing my hair out for the weekend, I needed a change.  I originally planned to straighten it, but I changed my mind.  I just really wanted some control… something that would withstand the weather changes, and something that was carefree and easy.  Last week, I had wet twists and pinned them up, but I honestly didn’t care for the twist out it yielded (typically, that doesn’t happen).

For the remainder of the time it was out, I wore it in a braid out… then I bunned it… then I washed it.

I remember doing loose twists on “braid out” hair a while back (I left the texture undisturbed for a different look) and wanted to revisit the concept – this time, on dry, straighter hair.

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I detangled my hair in the shower (four sections), applied Giovanni Direct Leave-In and Grapeseed Oil, and blow-dried my hair using the tension method.  I didn’t want to have my hair BONE straight or anything, so in essence all I really did was dry it so that I could have a little more length while styling.  I used a low heat and low speed.

Washed and Detangled
Tension Method – Hair is NOT bone straight, just dry and straightened a little!

I only used my Shea butter mixture for styling. nothing else.  It took me maybe an hour and half to twist my hair, retwisting some that were entirely too loose for my liking.  I finished and VOILA! #magic

During Twisting
All Finished! 🙂

I wore my hair like this for the debut:

Nothing too fancy!  I got a lot of compliments on the style from my work crew.  They love it when I keep them guessing!  I honestly couldn’t stop touching my hair (not a first), but I kept retwisting some that were overlooked last night, especially since it was rainy weather today (no puffs and no frizzes, please)!  When I came home, I was ready to experiment.  I came up with this style:

I LOOOOOOOOVE IT! Absolutely, positively in full fledge love!  I’m going to wear it for at least a day or two.  I’m so ready to experiment.  I’ll keep you guys posted on style options.  Until then…


Tutorials? Requests? Leave them in the comments section below! 🙂
  • LO

    tutorial please! I have one shaved side and I’m always looking for new styles and this one is so stunning!

  • Thank you!! When I reinstall these, I will keep that tutorial in mind!