MANE Events – To Dye For …

I held out as long as possible, but I REALLY had to do this.  It’s not often that I visit the salon and get something, ANYTHING done (I’m a huge DIY’er) so when I made this call to my stylist, she knew it would be something drastic.

I waltzed into the salon with high expectations as I normally do; hair unwashed from my loose twists that I installed earlier in the week.  At least it’s detangled so she won’t have to struggle with it.  And there were absolutely no struggles that needed to be had (although it wasn’t completely stretched, but it was fine).

I sat in the chair, told her what I was looking for, and she LITERALLY worked her magic.  NOTE: she doesn’t practice magic on a regular basis for those of you who are looking for a magician.  She and I have a very established relationship where I give her free reign over my hair because I TRUST that my results will be everything I want … and more.  No disappointments here!

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She lightened my base and then, working with the highlights I already had established (and adding more for arbitrarily), she highlighted my hair and I couldn’t be more pleased!  She did a different color flow this time, but it closely mimics what I got before.  Additionally, she only dealt with VIRGIN hair, that is the hair that grew since the last time I got my hair dyed; never been processed.  She did NOT redye any strands that were already dyed as I didn’t want to find any of my hair on the floor from over processing and neither did she.  She also didn’t dye my sides as I cut them too often to worry about coloring there.  IN OTHER WORDS: I would strongly suggest getting any coloring done by a professional!

A good shampoo and deep condition lead to the dreaded question, “How do you want to wear your hair today?” Why is that a dreaded question?  Well anyone who knows me KNOWS I HATE the dryer.  I have no patience and it gets so hot underneath the hood that I end up just walking away with damp hair and accepting the fact that it won’t be dry.  I have even asked her to not pick out my curls at times because I knew they weren’t dry, yet I didn’t want to sit under the dryer any longer.

Welp, I opted for a flexirod set on purple rollers to produce more of a bigger spiral, making it easy enough to achieve big hair through constant picking.  I had to go out with my girls and I didn’t want to risk not having my hair looking presentable.  She used some fast drying setting lotion and I was out of there in less than 40 minutes (if that long).  I preoccupied myself with web browsing and digital magazine reading to past the time.

She picked out the curls and I was all done! 🙂  Of course, I had to put my hand in my hair again and continue to pick and pick some more until they were to my liking.  I went out with my Bestie to McCouls (a local bar), got a couple drinks and had a blast.

For those who have been asking:  No, I didn’t get a cut (as you can see now that I have revealed my hair).  I already have a cut (my sides) and decided against cutting any more of my hair until I decide how I want to wear my hair for the wedding.  I definitely don’t plan on weaving it up for that day, so whatever I decide to do will have to be official in the fact that that’s how I want to wear my hair for pictures and what not.  Cutting isn’t even an option right now.

By the way, she said my ends looked awesome so she didn’t have to trim them (ding ding ding!!)  I’ve been trimming my ends myself, so I am taking it that I’m doing a great job.  I will continue to do that.

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Are you thinking about dying your hair for the summer?  If so, what colors are looking into?
  • NaturalDOctor2be

    Love your hair color! Thinking of getting my hair colored by a professional soon! Just nervous about it though!! I want it similar to yours! My hair is jet black though!!