3 Hair Myths Debunked!


Do you even know why you get your ends trimmed, wash your hair every two weeks or sleep on a satin pillow case?  Chances are it’s because your mother did it, someone told you about it, or you just think it’s right.  Are you doing these things for the right reasons, though?

MYTH:  Getting your ends trimmed makes your hair grow.  As a matter of fact, getting them trimmed regularly makes your hair grow double time.  

TRUTH:  Trimming ends has nothing to do with growth, as your ends are at the end of your hair strands and your hair grows from your scalp.  The real reason to get ends trimmed?  To get rid of damaged ends and to make hair even.  If you have split ends, single strand knots, or any damage at the end of your hair shaft, you are risking retention, not growth.  Hair will grow regardless.  Keeping your ends trimmed helps to retain that length, if anything.  I trim my ends when necessary – not every 6 weeks.

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MYTH:  Washing your hair too often will dry out your hair, that’s why you should only wash it every two weeks.  This is especially true for individuals that are relaxed and people of the African American race.

TRUTH:  Just like your body needs water for cleansing purposes, so does your scalp!  How can you possibility expect flowers to grow in a garden full of weeds?  Likewise, your hair strands will not prosper unless your clean your scalp.  Notice I didn’t say shampoo, but water itself can loosen the dirt and remove debris sans the chemicals found in shampoo, soap or conditioner.  I wash/rinse my hair regularly – at least once a week and in the summer I could definitely rinse it everyday and guess what?! My hair is bra strap length, baby! If you aren’t washing that product residue out that your use regularly, how are you expecting your strands to thrive?

MYTH:  Cotton pillow cases will cause hair breakage. 

TRUTH:  Cotton absorbs moisture from your hair, but it doesn’t make your hair break off;  however, if you aren’t keeping your hair properly moisturized, then combined with the absorption of the moisture (or the lack thereof) your hair can and will break due to the dryness.  Properly moisturizing your hair will keep your hair from suffering when using products that contain cotton or even wool.  I take precautionary measures and sleep on a satin pillow case and/or use a satin/silk scarf to protect my locks.

What are some other myths you can think of that need debunking?