Black Hair Grows!

How many times have we, Black men and women, been told that our hair just doesn’t grow?  Well let me be amongst a multitude of others to prove that theory wrong!

Black hair does grow at a constant rate, just like any other hair.  The misconception that our hair doesn’t grow comes in the form of improper care for our hair and, put simply, the “shrinkage factor” for men/women who are natural (our hair is longer than it seems).  Nothing can really be done about the shrinkage issue (unless you wear it straight/stretched constantly), but learning how to preserve our strands through good hair practices will retain our length.  
Hair needs the following to fully flourish:
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  1. Proper Moisture/Sealing (Combating Frizz)
  2. Proper Handling (How to Detangle Hair)/Low to No Manipulation Styling
  3. Balanced Diet/Healthy Living
  4. Consuming/Using Plenty of Water (Like Water for Haircare)
  5. Appropriate Products/Tools for Specific Hair Type 
Relaxed or natural, any and everyone can benefit from these techniques and tips. 
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What are some tips and techniques you may have for growing Black hair?