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Caring for Color Treated Hair

Coloring your hair is a fun move to make when you want to sport a new look without a cut.  I’ve always been a fan of color and pretty much have had every color that you can think of in my hair (some intentionally and others – well not so intentional). As many of you may know, I recently redyed my hair, so it’s only appropriate to have a post dedicated to caring for color treated hair, being that my hair is color treated and has been for the past two (almost three) years of my natural hair journey.  Here are some of my best practices in dealing with my color treated hair:

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Wait 24-48 hours before washing it after a fresh dye job.  Typically, my hair is styled after I get it dyed so it’s not a problem.  Occasionally, like this last time, I feel the urge to go ahead and wash my hair.  DON’T DO IT.  Waiting will allow for your color to settle as it needs to.

Use a shampoo and conditioner geared for color treated hair.  The ingredients in them are geared strictly toward retaining moisture and the color of your hair.  Since my hair is not just one color, I have to opt for products that are geared to the generality of color treated hair, rather than focused on one particular color.  One of my favorites is Garnier Fructis for Color Treated Hair, although I’m inclined to purchase Keratase Bain Miroir Shine-Revealing Shampoo for Sensatized, Color Treated Hair (longgg name) because of it’s rave reviews.

Don’t skimp out on moisture!  Dyed hair can equal dry hair if not properly cared for.  Not only do I use a leave-in conditioner, but I also moisturize AND seal my hair (seal in the moisture).  Water is my best friend.  Not having enough moisture can make your hair look dry, limp and unhealthy, so I don’t skip this step!

Deep condition every once in a while.  Because of my busy schedule, I don’t do this as regularly as I should, but deep conditioning is a must with color treated hair.  The strands, because they are chemically altered, are already weaker than your new growth (or virgin hair), so I use homemade deep conditioning recipes, apply them and let them sit for however long I can spare (at least 30 minutes), wash and commence to styling.

SPF, SPF, SPF! The sun can and will fade your hair if exposed to it for long periods of time.  Even when my hair was not dyed, I could spend hot days outside to find my hair had changed from a darker to a lighter brown.  I protect my strands with good old Shea butter, as it has natural UV ray filtering properties.  When in doubt, I always have a scarf or hat on deck!

What are some ways you care for your color-treated hair?