I Loved My TWA – Mia Hill

Mia, also known as Bee Hill, has been a friend of mine for 5+ years now (wow!). I have watched her hair go from short hair, long hair, DON’T CARE!  She definitely isn’t afraid to rock any style and she rocks it with such class!  Recently, she has decided to take the plunge into the natural world and I got a chance to interview her about her journey.  She’s not exactly on TWA status right now (it’s a little longer than most) but she started with short hair and it is flourishing into beautiful curls!  Learn more about how her journey is going, her styling regimen, her new found love and her inspirations (and be prepared to laugh)!

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Name, Age, Location.
Mia Hill, 28, D.C.

Tell us about your natural hair journey. (How long have you been natural? How long did you transition?)
Ok, so I’ve been transitioning for about 2 years or so. I did, however, cut all my perm off last April (1st….to be exact)….and I’ve been rolling with it ever since. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. So, I was extremely self conscious at first. It’s still kind of growing on me. I just try to switch it up every now and again. In the beginning I wore wigs, weaves, and anything that had the exact same curl pattern and texture as my hair. Most people STILL don’t even know that (well, until now…..SURPRISE JAK!). Haha! Anyhoo, so I did that until it grew to a length that I felt comfortable enough to rock. I’d done the short hair, the mohawk, the shaved sides, the EVERYTHING BUT the natural. But as soon as I got out, and got used to the wind blowing through my scalp again….and in its natural state…..i was sold. My hair is healthy, and extremely resilient. (can hair be resilient? #kanyeshrug)

I notice that you have a new hair color!! Who did your color and what inspired you to go for the dye?

My color!!! HA! Definitely a bootleg dye job by my good friend in NY. I just decided I wanted to lighten the tips up, and she had some developer, blue powder, and foil…..and VOILA (“maaaaaagic”)!! 😉 I am looking for some organic dye to use from now on, though. But I’m sure you will fill me in so I can be about that life after this. Lol.

What is your current styling regimen? 
Hmmmm….let’s see. Well, I NEVER put heat on my hair. And i try NOT to overwash it, but my hair is naturally oily, and i HATE heavy hair. So, I just keep it moisturized and clean. I twist it at night….which alters my bedroom life for about 2 secs (don’t put that in the joint tho, lol)….then tie it up tight. YouTube and YOU have definitely been my bff’s in this journey. lol

Why do did you love your TWA?
So, it took me quite some time. 27 years to be exact…..but I have grown to love, accept, and embrace my hair. I can’t wait to see how long it will grow. It seems as if this has just been an “experiment” for a lot of black women lately. But I want this to just be another piece of my everyday life. I wanna just love me for me….perm or not. And I hope all of us can see eye to eye on that. 😉

Who are your natural hair inspirations? 

  • My mom (who has been natural for 20 PLUS years)
  • Tiki (she inspired me to go for it….bc her hair is EVERYTHING)
  • You (bc you have absolutely MASTERED this thing and turned it into one SERIOUS situation)
  • Oh yea!! Youtube Naptural85 (bomb.com / I’ve enjoyed watching her progress)

Any other comments you would like to make about your hair:
WELP! That’s my story…..”You think you know. But you have NO idea. This is the <hair>Diary of Bee Heezy!” HA!!! (…and its not even my birthday <3)

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