MANE Events – Three FREE Ingredients for a Flawless Braid Out

You read that title correctly: three ingredients. That’s all. Nothing extravagant, nothing that costs an arm and a leg… as a matter of fact, you will only have to purchase one item unless you already have it on deck in your kitchen.

Traveling, yes I know you know I was out of town by now in reading my posts from then, but can I remind you that I didn’t have a checked bag? That means I had to follow the 3-1-1 rule, which meant I had to forgo having my hair essentials with me. No big deal, right?

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RIGHT! I styled my hair in this twist out before I left, expecting to keep it for some days, but the tutorial world got the best of me and I decided to play with my hair a little bit, disturbing my curls and style. Additionally, the wind was whipping and the tangles started to form, so I had to do something to my hair. I decided I would do a braid out, so I gathered the three necessary materials for a Flawless Braid Out:

Water (From the bathroom faucet, of course)

Olive Oil (From the kitchen cabinet)

My Fingers (For detangling and styling)

That’s it. No other tricks or tips. Simplicity is the key and knowing and understanding what you hair needs is another key. My hair thrives off of the simple things, and a lot of the times I just ask myself WWJD What Would Jesus Do? 

He had beautiful locks according to the Bible, and I know He didn’t have Tresseme Naturals to help account for those. Besides juices and berries, He had to use something to keep His hair in check. I can only think it was something as simple as what I used today. I’M JUST SAYING…

You can watch my take down here:

What ingredients do you use for a flawless braid-out?
  • Karen Forest

    Hello, pRoy! Your results are simply beautiful. I just discovered your
    blog yesterday, enjoyed it & subscribed to your YouTube channel.

    Love that you sought & acknowledged Jesus in your decision-making! 🙂 Who would
    know our bodies better than our Creator & He did tell us to bring it all to Him in prayer. I agree … caring for our hair can be simple if we let it. God created me with hair that spirals out of my scalp in curls. But, for decades, I constantly suppressed that part of
    myself with high-maintenance relaxers for “convenience”. Simply put, I continuously forced my hair to do the opposite of what its meant/wants to do … curl. Now I know my
    curls are beautiful, versatile yet simple with a vibrant, resilient personality
    of their own. How convenient.