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MANE Events – Wash ‘N Go Flow (Day Two)

I’ll have to admit:  I hate this flaky white stuff falling from my head.  That’s right.  Some product didn’t agree with another product and it’s causing white flakes.  I know the culprit, though.  Tresemme Naturals… great for a conditioner, not good for this wash ‘n go.  Lesson learned.

I ended up preserving my wash ‘n go by using the bagging method.  I would typically use a plastic cap for this, but I was all out (go figure).  Improvisation took over and I was left with a plastic grocery bag on my bed. 

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To prep for bagging, I spritzed my hair with water until it was damp and followed up with my Shea butter mixture (just a light coat).  I covered my hair with the plastic cap bag and covered that with my satin bonnet.  I looked like a plum fool going to bed, but the results were soft, manageable coils in the morning.   

Before showering, I removed all that foolishness and let the steam from the shower add some moisture into my hair.  Afterwards, I refreshed with water from my water bottle JUST A LITTLE, because I was in love with the shape my hair had.  A few fluffs later and BAM:

There is a cute style I have in my head with this wash ‘n go hair… I’m going to try to execute it tomorrow.  Tonight, I will skip the bagging and put my hair in big twists to elongate it some.  Then again… I don’t know.  Depends on how I want to style my hair.  We shall see…

How do you preserve your wash ‘n gos?