Natural Hair and You – Having a Plan for a Natural Hair Journey


So, you want to go natural. Why?

If you can’t answer that question, or if you’ve answered it with an “I don’t know” or “Well, they say that…” reconsider your decision to go natural.

Now, let’s be real, I’m not the one for discouraging people to do anything that they want to do in their own lives (after all, I’m living mine and loving every minute of it). But understand that you must have a plan – a reason – for going natural. You have to know why you want to do it. You have to do it because YOU are ready to go natural, not because there is this “natural movement” and you feel that you have to be a part of it. Why?

Going in without a plan will leave you overwhelmed and confused. Going natural is much more than cutting all of your hair off and living in the “tada – I did it” stage. It is, in essence, a lifestyle change. There are aspects about your life that you will reconsider, reevaluate and redo all because your hair is natural. Your self image will change. It’s inevitable.

Want to know how I made it to natural? Read my transition story here.
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Before you make such a drastic decision, here are some things to consider:

Do you want short hair? If your answer is “no”, then consider transitioning into natural instead of going full throttle. Laila-Jean, FusionofCultures, transitioned for two years before doing her big chop, so I’d like to refer to her as a transition pro. Check out her video below:

How long do you want to transition? What styles would you like to do while you’re transitioning? ONE WORD: RESEARCH.

If your answer is “yes” to short hair, how short do you want it? You may want to transition for a couple of months before you decide to chop it all off so that you can have at least some inches of curls on your head (trust me, it won’t look like much when in it’s natural state). My girl Jessica of MahoganyCurls actually went the short route. Three years later, her curls are sweeping below her shoulders. Check her out here.

Other things to think about:
Ok, now that you have big chopped, what are your goals/reasons for having natural hair?
How long do you want to grow it out?
Do you want to wear your hair curly, or would you rather have it straighten majority of the time?

I will admit some things will come to you as you embark on your natural journey, but having a plan can definitely serve as some type of guideline. With a lack of focus, it is more than likely that you will go back to what you know, even if it may not be the best move for the health of your hair. Convenience is one of those crutches that is hard to walk without… unless you have the willpower to be without it.