I hear a lot of people who are longing to go natural make the statement, “I just don’t want to cut off all of my hair and start over.” True. You don’t have to; I didn’t… well, not exactly, but I did rock a TWA for a while (4 inches of hair when I big chopped) and I’m slightly rocking one today (shaved sides – does that count?).

But this post is dedicated to my brave souls that are ready for a change and don’t mind rocking it short. It may even inspire the individuals teetering on the fence as to whether or not you would like to cut it. It’s also for my lovies out there rocking their TWA with no inhibitions.

Listed below are the reasons why ­I feel TWAs absolutely rock:

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  1. Instant Confidence. That’s right. Imagine rocking a short cut. You won’t have hair to hide behind, making your face the center of attention pretty much leaving you vulnerable to the public eye. It takes a special person to rock a style of this caliber, and having confidence is a must!
  2. Accessory Heaven. Less hair means more skin exposure. Because you now have short hair, it’s the prime time to show off your fancy accessories – big earrings, beautiful necklaces, studs – even a nose ring! The bigger and gaudier, the better. Dare to not care!
  3. Easy styling. How awesome is it to pretty much wash your hair and go? Longer hair requires a longer styling process (trust me, I know). I long for the days where I can spritz water on my hair, apply my product and be out. Cherish that time and those days.
  4. What is detangling? That word will not even be in your vocabulary unless you start growing your hair out. Five fingers will be all that you need to really get those tangles out, and your detangling time? Pretty much non-existent.
  5. Less Pricey. Because you won’t have to use a lot of products on your hair at any given time, then you’ll save a nice amount of money. I am lightweight a part of the TWA crew (my sides are shaved) and I can tell you, maintenance can be pricey IF you fail to learn DIY. I cut my own hair and I know that saves me a trip to the barber ($ saved on gas AND the cut/tip).

I would never rule out the thought of me cutting my hair and starting over. It’s such a beautiful thing. Below are some TWAs that inspire me to want to rock it with full-fledge confidence.

  • Marieconstant84

    Thanks, all that you said is so true.  I just went natural and instantly felt more confident and more like myself if that makes any sense.  

  • Yesss! I love that! Thanks for sharing. 🙂