Bald & Beautiful – Danielle Montgomery

Like any other random night, I found myself searching through my timeline on Facebook.  Usually, I scroll all fast, looking at pictures, clicking “like” or whatever, what have you…

So as I scrolled at top speed, I was stopped suddenly by this enchanting photograph of a young lady with a very low cut.  Upon further investigation (yes, I clicked her pic) I found out that her hair was completely shaven: she was bald.  I loveeeeeeeeeeeed her image and the beauty she exuded so much so, that I asked her if I could feature her… and she accepted!

Danielle Montgomery is a beautiful soul with a bold look.  Learn about her decision to embrace such a bold look, her style, and her words of empowerment.  Whether you have natural hair or not, you will be touched by this magnificent spirit and her magnificent story.  Be blessed.

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Let’s start with the basics: Name, age, and location.
I am 33 years young Danielle Nicole Montgomery and I live in El Paso, Texas. However, I am currently deployed to Southwest, Asia.

What do you do for a living?
Currently I am a Human Resources Officer (CPT) in the U. S. Army. I have just been picked up for Army Public Affairs. Can’t wait to make the career move.

Your haircut is simply beautiful. What inspired you to sport such a bold haircut?

I was started losing my hair when I was about 15. Alopecia In the beginning it would come out and then grow back. Over the course of 17 years, I have sported every weave, wig or braid imaginable. It was two years after hair follicle transplant surgery, that did not take, and I was fed up. I had just taken out a sew in and was standing in the mirror angry, frustrated, yet excited for what was about to come all at the same time.

Faith was the second half of the equation. I had just met a woman of God and she told me daily how beautiful I was. Becuase I knew God had sent her into my life, I knew that beautiful referred to my outer as well as my inner. More importantly, my heart. For about a week she told me to make the big chop. The night I took out the sew in I took a pair of scissors and cut until I could not cut anymore off. I then went to her son, he is a barber, and asked him to finish what I started and he did. The rest is HISTORY!

Prior to the cut, how was your hair? 
My hair was natural. I had hair all over except in the center of my head. It was as bald as a baby’s bottom.

Do you ever miss your hair?
Girl, hell no! If I want hair I can buy hair. Long, short, black, brown, blonde, ginger, curly, straight. They sell it all.

Let’s shift gears! How would you describe your style?
Classy and fabulous with just the right amonut of sex appeal. I love heels and handbags. I dont spend a lot of money on clothes, but will splurge on accessories. Its like when you see a man and tell yourself, “he can get it.” I see something and I say, ” I have to have it.” You just know! When you get it and it fits just right, its almost orgasmic……lol! Make sense?

Three accessories you can’t leave the house without. Go!

Mascara, heels and my smile!

Have you always exuded self confidence?
I would have to say yes. For as long as I can remember, I have always been sure of who I am. I have always gone against the grain and stood out from the rest of the crowd. Without effort, I command attention when I walk into a room and people are drawn to me. I think its the eyes and the smile.

Have you encountered any negativity geared toward your personal style? If so, how do you counter it?
No. I am blessed to receive positive feedback and energy most of the time. I get the occasional, sad sister who stares and turns up her nose. All the while, her man is mesmerized and can’t take his eyes off of me… lol!

There may be someone who is reading this right now and ready to make a bold move like yourself, but needs that extra “umph” to make it happen. Any words of wisdom or advice?
Have faith and fun. God’s plan is perfect and I see that now. If I had not started losing my hair, I would have never shaved my head. I would be just another cookie cutter pretty girl. He created me for this. I have these big animated eyes, this amazing smile and great skin to show off to the world. It not about me though. I think I inspire others just being Dani.

Fuck what anyone else has to say or how they feel. Do you, boo boo!

What are your ultimate goals in life?
Be the best Danielle Nicole I can be. Treat others well. Have a child or two. Have fun and look fabulous doing it all!

Anything else you want to share?
Many see a beautiful, fun full of life woman with a heart of gold when they look at me. What they do not see is the road that I had to travel to get here. I am grateful for the good and bad. I have embraced it all and made the best of it all. This is just the first step to the WORLD knowing Danielle Nicole. 

Thanks, pRoy!
Anytime, love! Amazing Interview! 
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