MANE Events – Wash ‘N Go (Round 2) & Turban Lifestyle (Video Tutorial)

After my last Wash ‘N Go fiasco, I decided to give it another try.  It wasn’t that the first time (in a long time) was bad, but I knew that some products didn’t mix well, giving me a flaky result (you can read about it here).

So this go around, I pretty much did the same washing routine as before, but instead of using a leave-in of any sort, I sealed my sopping wet hair with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and applied my Flaxseed Gel over top (to about 10 sections).  That’s it.  Love my results!

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I went to bed with semi-wet hair, as it takes FOREVER for my hair to completely dry.  Should I start another Wash ‘N Go, it will be in the morning so that I can have all day long for it to dry.  I refreshed today, but really wanted to wear a turban instead so I wrapped up my hair like so:

So very easy to complete and it looks awesome (especially with print designs).  To see a tutorial, take a look below:

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Would you rock a turban?