8 Tips for a Gorgeous Twist Out or Braid Out!

I love wearing my twist outs or braid outs for days, and in doing so, there are a couple of tips and tricks that I use to ensure I have a great hair day from day one, that way, maintenance will be the only worry I have (and not the guessing of how the twist out or braid out will look from the start).   How do I do it, you ask?  Check out these 8 tips for a gorgeous twist out or braid out!

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1. Thoroughly detangle your hair. This is where my Tangle Teezer comes in handy!

2. Make sure your strands are smooth. Moisturize them to make sure they are not dry. Use your fingers while your braid or twist to keep hair smooth, you know… to make sure you don’t have unruly strands.

3. Know when to use a comb. I use a comb only for parting purposes (side part or center part). That’s it. I twist/braid my hair using the grab and go method – grab a section of hair and go for it! By not having parts in those sections, it is easier for me to fluff and disguise parts.

4. Use oil or butter as a sealant. I use Shea butter and/or jojoba oil.  It helps to prevent frizz and it seals in the moisture.

5. Want less frizz? Use smaller braids or twists. Be mindful that your definition will be smaller as well.

6. Carefully unravel your twists/braids. Make sure you have enough time to put into the style (not to say that it will require a lot), but if you are rushing, you could easily cause your hair to frizz because you are being too rough with your definition. Speaking of time…

7. Make sure your hair is completely dry before your remove braids/twists! I can’t say this enough. Definition comes from your hair being completely set. If it is even damp, your set will not lay how you intended and chances are, it will be puffed and possibly frizz. Let it dry!

8. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT borrow hair from your other strands in your twist/braid while twisting and braiding. Keep all your sections separate while you’re installing twists or braids. If you are unable to continue twisting or braiding down to the ends of your hair because you simply ran out of strand, create a finger coil at the bottom to end your twist/braid or use a roller to secure the ends.

What are some tips you may have for creating a gorgeous twist out of braid out?
  • Jaheidalewissk

    I read about this , and fell in love , my hair is really short and I thought about doing it , it didn’t came out as good as the photo you have there , but I felt like it did . thanks 🙂 

  • Awesome!  Happy for your great results!