Caring for Hair – Summer Edition


You’re on the beach in your best suit, with the best sun-kissed glow (with SPF protection, of course) and the best… WAIT, what about your hair?  How will you care for it during these hot and humid days?  How will you protect your strands from the sand, the sun and the salty water (or chlorine pool water)?

Choose a style that will work for the occasion.  The beach is about relaxation and the last thing you want to worry about having hot hair, literally and not figuratively in this case.  Sometimes wearing it all out is just too much, my neck starts to sweat or I encounter major tangles from the wind and water combo.  Opt for styles that are easy to deal with – goddess braids, twists, or even cornrows will keep your hair from being a headache on those crazy hot days!  On days where the heat isn’t as bad and your water encounter is slim to none – bantu knot outs, twist outs and wash and gos can be your best friend.

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Protect your strands from those UV rays.  Heat damage doesn’t just come from your blow dryer, but can also come from the largest source of heat on this Earth – the Sun.  Protect your hair by wearing scarfs and hats, and even coat your hair with Shea butter, a natural sunblock.  There are also products that have UV protection specifically geared for my color-treated cuties out there that need that extra protection:

Condition for the gods!  Pre-treat your strands with a leave-in (or a conditioner you want to use as a leave in), style your hair, and head for the beach!  Post beach or pool experience, handle your hair with care.  Using a clarifying shampoo, immediately wash your strands to preserve color (even if your hair isn’t colored, you need to get those pool chemicals out).  Follow up with a conditioner that appeals to dry hair for more hydration.  Detangle and, if you have time, deep condition your strands for more moisture and restoration.  For extra protection, opt to wear a swim cap (Naturals, I know you’re looking at your hair like YEA RIGHT, but putting your hair in cornrows or flat twists under the cap will allow it to fit snug and actually… yanno, fit.  On your head.  Try it).

How are you going to protect your hair this summer?