MANE Events – ‘Fros for the Fourth & Fourth Fashion

There is no freer feeling in the world than to wear your pure, unadulterated ‘fro out and about.  That’s what I did today.

I have been rocking a puff for the past two days 1) because it’s easier to deal with while I’m working out and 2) because I haven’t been able to do anything with my hair since I’ve found new residency (unpacking is a full time job).

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I was all the way excited to skip out on the puff today and just LITERALLY wash my hair and GO! No real manipulation was done to achieve this style.

I applied a leave-in just to have some type of protection from the sun, but that’s all. The heat is so full that my hair dried in no time.  Not to mention, my color these days has my hair looking all types of dimensioned!  I loveeeeeeeeed it!

Outfit Details| Shirt: Banana Republic; Shorts: Thrift (I made those shorts from jeans); Belt: Lacoste (via Thrift Store); Sandals: Gap; Earrings: Vintage; Purse: Urban Outfitters; Shades: RayBan
How did you rock your hair for the Fourth?