MANE Events: Mini Twists UpDo (Video)

As you know, I installed mini twists last week.  Since it was a fresh install, I tried to keep them straight for a little while before manipulating them, but I needed something other than drab hair for the wedding; the straight mini twists just weren’t doing it for me.

For the a better view of the style, click the jump and view the video!

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I decided to pin them for volume and came up with the style above.  It took me more time than usual for the pin up since it’s 1) mini twists and 2) hard to to pin lifeless twists.  Let’s just be real here…

As time goes on, the twists will plump up.  Since I am used to voluminous hair, it’s like a catch 22 – I want “bigger” hair, but I want to have the swing on of the twists.  Such is life and I will figure it out.  One week down, 3 more to go!

Enjoy the video.

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Have you ever styled your mini twists into an updo?  What did it look like?
  • Anonymous

    Recreate please! !!!!!!! Really cute style