MANE Events – Mini Twists Video

Guess who installed mini twists again…  Take a look at the video!

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I wanted to give my hair a break.  It was really a toss up between these, loose twists or box braids.  Mini twists won… this time.

It took me 5.5 hours, but these are smaller than the set I completed back in March.  The plan is to keep them for 4 weeks… we shall see how that holds up.  Speaking of which, I will also be completing another challenge lifestyle change within the next four weeks.  Stay tuned for the announcement!!

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Are you rocking a protective style right now?  What is your style of choice?
  • AshleyB

    Nice mini-twists! 🙂  I will try this one day!  I am in a protective style right now, but my choice of protection is a curly hair weave.  I got my weave installed by Ngozi (who advocates weaves as protective style-as long as they actually are PROTECTING the hair).  Majority of my hair is braided away except for the front edges.  However, since I have a wash and go style weave (requiring NO heat for styling) all I do is condition and spritz with water.  So far, I am enjoying the style.  HOWEVER, I do miss my fro! 🙁 (but it is for a purpose! 🙂

  • I really like your protective style, sis!  How long are you going to keep it?

  • I love this style…I’m not natural but I’m going to try it in my daughters hair.