MANE Events – Shrunken Twist… Out?

Yes, you read that title correctly.  I am currently rocking a shrunken twist out.  It’s a variation of my signature twist out, except I haven’t really fluffed, nor have I separated all the way.  And even though the temps have dropped and the heat is a little more bearable, it’s still too hot for so much of my hair to be out.

At least in this style, I can still rock it short without it touching my shoulders.  I have some other “heat” styling options and how to care for summer time hair here.

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I styled my hair like this on Friday and it was awesome… until it started raining.  Humidity and my hair just don’t mix majority of the time, so it was big.  I tried a new way of preserving my style:  installing four large twists and wrapping it.  Welp, needless to say my curls were stretched but it wasn’t even remotely close to my twist out.  I wore my hair, stretched, on Saturday but knew I needed something else with more definition.  Sunday rolled around and I went to Yoga… You can only imagine what my hair looked like after rolling around on that mat. #tragic

I deep conditioned with my hair on Sunday with Giovanni, which was much needed as my strands had been neglected for about a week or so.  Boy, was my hair feeling extra soft!  After the DC, I debated a while on how I wanted to style my hair, and opted for my go-to signature style.

The products used: Shea Moisture and Shea butter, all twisted on damp hair.  That’s it.  Shea butter is a natural sunscreen, so it’s perfect for this type of weather!  Oh, and I’m totally digging my results!! By the way, I did not fluff this style. I just separated a little and that’s it!

How are you rocking your hair in this heat?