MANE Events – Mini Twists Coming to an End…

It’s been about four weeks that I have had these mini twists and I have mixed feelings about removing them.  Quite frankly, they make working out sooooo much easier.  I can throw them up and out of my face and my hair is still in tact later on when it’s time for styling.  However,  I miss my loose hair and I know that keeping these mini twists in any longer than four weeks can result in my hair starting to twist up on it… kind of like locs.

And I know my limits.

So, I have two options when I remove them: reinstall or keep it loose.

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Reinstalling takes about 5 hours… no bueno.  Maybe if I do decide to go that route, I can make them a little larger in size.  I’m just not looking forward to all of that, though.

I think I’m going to let my hair breathe in the summer rays for a little while… yanno, while it’s still hot yet breezy.  Humidity is great for my hair so I will keep it out and untamed… Maybe.  Decisions, decisions…

What are you doing with your hair this week?
  • Shannon Scates

    Ugggghh Im having the exact opposite scenario lol. I hardly ever wear my hair loose and I miss my mini twist sooooo much lol. My hair has been out for almost 4 weeks now…maybe more. I hate doing my hair but I’m forcing myself to spend more time with it….plus I was trying to experiment with honey hair lightening but I think Im about to jump ship and do a Henna treatment this weekend….decisions…decisions lol.