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MANE Events: The Twists are OUT!

After a month of protective styling, I have finally removed my mini twists!  The boy couldn’t be happier!  Hahaha…

When he saw the ‘fro, he almost didn’t know how to control himself.  It was as if he lost control of his hands and immediately went for HAND IN HAIR.

I’m not going to lie, it’s refreshing to have her back.  I missed her boisterous attitude and her “in your face” mentality.  She can get out of control sometimes, but who’s hair doesn’t?  My love for her is unconditional… well, at least that’s what I thought before I removed my mini twists.

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The removal process wasn’t bad.  I sat down while watching some random TV show and began untwisting my hair, one by one, but pulling a twist from a high bun I created and, upon reaching a section of  a good amount of loose hair, twisted bigger sections of loose hair together to keep it out of the way.  Once all my hair was untwisted, I applied avocado oil (really no preference here, just reached for the first oil I saw) all over my strands and finger detangled each section.

Then, it was time to shower.

I used Giovanni 50/50 Hydrating and Clarifying Shampoo (no sulfates) as I really needed to cleanse my scalp.  Can you believe I went to the whole 4 weeks without WASHING my hair?  I cleansed my scalp, but I never washed it, so I KNOW it needed to be handled.  Carrying on…

Instead of following up with my 50/50 Hydrating & Clarifying Conditioner, I used Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Organi-Gro Deep Conditioner (I will be doing a review on this product very soon so stay tuned).  I finger detangled my hair and what seemed to be a lot of hair loss was nothing more than a lot of shed hair!

Note to self: You have to think, pRoy, your hair hasn’t been able to shed out for the past 4 weeks…  

Instead of a plastic cap (don’t own any), I put on a grocery bag and wrapped that up in a t-shirt to have a deep conditioning session.

I let the conditioner set for a few hours, and when I washed it out my hair was a damn wired, tangled mess!  I was pissed and I know what the culprit was! I sectioned my hair, applied Cantu Shea Butter Curling Coconut Cream (review to come on this as well!), broke out my Tangle Teezer and went to work.  Once a section was detangled and feeling extra soft, I twisted it up.  I had no real direction on where I wanted to go with my styling, so just kept the twists in and let them dry for a twist out.

My results are as follows:

I’ve learned two things while having these mini twists in: 1) I love my hair out in the ‘fro. 2) I’m going to stay away from mini twists for a while.  I say this every time, yet and still I always go back to them.  They are awesome, but the takedown is not.  Loose twists have been my best friend… I’ll just stick to those.

How are you wearing your hair for the remainder of the summer?