Mother/Daughter Curls: Aliyyah & Madison

I just had to do it, and you will see why when you read this interview. Aliyyah and Madison are absolutely fabulous! A mother daughter duo who are both natural, Aliyyah and Madison take over my Facebook timeline with the cutest pictures! Check out the hair maintenance involved and get to know them a little!

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Name, Age, Location.
Aliyyah Bragg, 26, Raleigh, NC
Madison Ariel, 1, Raleigh, NC

How did your natural hair journey begin?
My natural hair journey started May of 2005. After getting burned numerous of times from a relaxer and my hair thinning a little on the edges, I decided enough was enough. During the transition I wore my hair curly from a rod set or straight. I cut my hair regularly and the shortest I ended up with was a bob.

How, better than anyone, do you describe your hair?
My hair is thick, soft and full. I have 2 different textures of hair curly and wavy.

Three hair products you can’t live without. Go.
I can’t live without my Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo, Silk Elements Mixed Silk Leave-In Conditioner, and Goddess Curls by Curls.

What is your current hair care/styling regimen? Any special treatments?
I usually wear my hair straight, but when wearing it natural I have a regimen I follow. I wash my hair every week with using the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo to lather up. When I lather the 2nd time, I usually let it sit for 4 minutes to stimulate my scalp and remove build up. Then I use my Organic Root Stimulator conditioner, comb through my hair with a big tooth comb, and rinse it out. I squeeze dry my hair with my hands leaving it wet then apply my Mixed Silk Leave-In conditioner. In four different sections, I apply the Goddess Curls while scrunching my hair to air dry.

When wearing my hair straight I use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo to lather up. I use Organic Root Stimulator conditioner and comb through my hair with a big tooth comb then rinse the conditioner out. I apply Paul Mitchell Serum, blow dry and I use a ionic tourmaline flat iron to straighten my hair. I usually sleep on a satin pillow case or use a satin bonnet.

I know that you have a little “woman” (LOL) that is naturally curly (and absolutely adorable)! How do you keep her hair healthy and thriving?
Thanks… I use the Silken Child line which is made by Silk Elements and can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I use the Silken Child Extra Moisturizing Shampoo, Silken Child Extra Moisturizing Conditioner, Silken Child Silk Moisturizing Crème, and the Silken Child Leave-In Detangler. This line is very good and is not harsh on her hair.

How long does it take you to style her hair? What is your styling regimen for her?
It takes about 20-30 minutes, when she isn’t putting up a fight (LOL). I wash her hair with the moisturizing shampoo 2 times, then condition. I spray the detangler on her hair and use a big tooth comb to elgonate her curl and let it air dry. When doing ponytails I use the detangler and crème to achieve to straight look to twist it then top it off with colorful barrettes. She sleeps on a satin pillowcase.

Please tell us: Is she modeling? *please say yes – crossing fingers*
A little but looking at top agencies.

Any suggestions for parents of children with natural hair?
Less is best. Kids do not need a lot of products in their hair. Also, be aware of harsh products that can damage your child hair.

There may be some readers who aspire to take the plunge into the natural hair world. Any words of wisdom?
Welcome it.  Be patient.  Don’t be afraid to go out and explore different products and styles.  Find what work for your hair and stick to it.  Be creative and have fun.

Anything else you want to share?
Madison Ariel has a Facebook Page if you would like to keep up with her journey in life and different hair styles. Also, if you have any questions you can email us at

You can find me on instagram at AliyyahB. I am branding a handmade accessory/apparel line that should dropping soon. Stay tuned for that.

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