The Ugly Truth About Single Strand Knots


Single Strand Knots (SSK) happen as a result of your curly/coily hair twisting up on itself causing a knot to form, typically near the end of the hair shaft.

They are inevitable.  There, I said it.  Everyone with curly hair (and maybe some without) will experience them at least once in their lives, but for those of us who tend to experience them more than others, here are a few tips to help prevent and deal with them.

Thoroughly detangle your hair and make sure you remove shed hairs.  Shed hairs can attach to other hairs on their way “out”, yanno… when they are shedding, and can cause knots.  While detangling, make sure you are getting all those tangles and stray hairs out. by gently tugging on section of hair in which you are working and discarding those shed hairs.  For tips on detangling, click here.

Stretch your coils.  I tend to find that when I wear my hair in stretched styles, I incur less SSK.  That’s because my hair is not as tightly coiled in the stretched style because it is … well, stretched out.

Don’t play with it.  Less manipulation = less tangles.  And if you suffer from HIH (Hand in Hair) syndrome, keep your hands out of your hair!  Constantly twisting and twirling your hair causes it to twist and twirl around itself, thus resulting in SSK.

Remove them.  Get you a pair of scissors and get rid of them.  They will cost you length retention in the long run.

Do you get SSK?  How do you combat/deal with them?