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askpRoy: Professional Hair Styles for Natural Hair

“You may have covered this before, but until this year, this was never a concern. So, this year I am in a leadership role at work. Being in a predominately white environment, I try to remain somewhat conservative to keep from getting the “side eye” when I walk through the door in the mornings. I consider myself very eclectic when it comes to dress and the appearance of my hair, but how can I maintain professionalism as well as allow my personality to shine. I know I am not the only one out here in “natural hair land” with this concern, Help!”

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I almost may be the wrong person to ask this question because I am always wearing my hair how I feel at the moment.  LOL!
Nevertheless, I totally understand your POV when it comes to professionalism in the workplace.  I will share with you some styles that I have worn in the workplace (although all of my video tutorials I have worn at work) and some others that I think will serve as some inspiration to you and your individuality:
High Bun: Never can go wrong with a bun!
French Braid UpDo: Unexpected Chic/Great Protective Style, too!
Cascading Curls UpDo: Classy with Pizzazz!
Signature Twist Out: Great for wearing hair out!
And from some of my favorite YouTubers:
MeechyMonroe – Roll & Tuck: Always will be professional…

SimplYounique – Flexirod Set: Self Explanatory
Naptural85 – Professional UpDo: When your twist out gets old, try this!

I feel the most empowered when I wear my ‘fro out full throttle.  It gives me a rush and I dare people to say anything to me about it… because they won’t/don’t.  It’s all in how you present yourself.  If you exude confidence, you can wear your hair as you already are wearing it.  Now, I’m not suggesting BED HEAD to work (some things are just inappropriate), so if you feel like you have to have a more polished look, I have given some suggestions.
The possibilties are endless and as long as you think they are professional, who is to tell you otherwise?