MANE Events — From Twist Out to Braid Out

The weather is cooling down and my hair is ready to play.  My hair is quite the oxymoron in how it wants to be handled.  I feel like the majority of the warmer months I had my hair in twists, updos, and off of my neck by embracing my shrinkage via the wash ‘n go.  Now that it is cooler, most natural hair wearers like to bring on the protective styling.  I will more than likely be wearing my hair out and bigger, maybe straighten it and/or dabble a little into the protective styling phase.  Since I am in a new area and it is much colder, I can’t wait to see how my hair behaves.

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Earlier this week, I flat twisted my hair with a new product, one in which I will not disclose until I use it at least twice more.  Judging from these results, I can see it becoming a staple product.  Again, I will have to use it couple of more times to determine if that statement is valid.  Until then, I will love on this definition that is has blessed me with.

To maintain, I pineappled the first night.  It was still quite humid outside and it started reverting my hair back into its shrunken state and natural curl pattern, pretty much what I’ve been dealing with all summer (I did like the shape, though).  I decided to braid it into 12 braids the next night, unraveled them when they were completely dry and I got this:

No reversion.  Still awesome definition.  So I will probably wear my hair in this braid out for the remainder of the week until wash day.  I will rebraid at night since I’m going to be working out.

How are you wearing your hair this week?