Natural Hair: Hair Length Obsession


In the natural hair community women’s hair community, I have noticed that women are infatuated with achieving great lengths.  I’m always asked for a length check on my hair…  There are always questions on how one can make their hair grow longer, or even some that express they can’t WAIT for their hair to get a certain length.  But what’s the whole obsession with length?

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I’ll have to admit that I have fallen victim to this before.  When I had a TWA, I wanted to have hair.  It was something I craved and I found myself obsessing over the length.  The crazy part about all of that was I always kept short hair when I was relaxed.  I can truly admit that I jumped on the “long hair, do care” bandwagon and felt that in order to be natural and experience it to the fullest, my hair had to be APL (arm pit length) or longer to get the effect I wanted.

As I continued on my natural hair joinery, I learned that in order to achieve the styles and hair shapes I wanted, I didn’t have to have a lot of hair.  My hair grew off the strength that it was healthy and not some magic potion or pills that I was taking.  As it continued to grow and reached a certain length, I became bored with it.  I remembered why I kept my hair short in the first place and stayed true to myself and my vision for my image.

I began regularly trimming/cutting my hair so that I could have the shape I wanted.  Yes, it grew, but I wasn’t obsessing over how long it had gotten or where on my back it was hitting.  It wasn’t until one of my line sisters pointed out that my hair had grown significantly and that it was longer than I would ever imagine wearing it.  “Are you going to keep letting it grow out or are you going to cut it?” she asked me.  I sat back and thought about it for a second and replied, “you know me, it’s however I’m feeling at the moment.  Hair grows back”.

Because I knew how to grow it, I wasn’t phased by chopping it off to the style I currently have now: my shaved sides.  Other’s voiced their opinions “But it’s so long” or “Why you cutting it?” but I didn’t care then and I don’t care now.  The length is not what’s important to me, it’s the health.

I said all of this to say I am so happy to see naturals embracing new hair styles that require a cut.  I am subscribed to naturals on YouTube such as Glamazini, KinkyCurlyCoil and LethalPleazure, all sporting a tapered natural look (KinkyCurlyCoil JUST cut her hair and I love it)!

There is nothing wrong with having length, but just remember: hair will grow if you take care of it and have patience!

Are you obsessed with length?  What are your reasons for wanting to achieve great lengths?
  • MsKerita

    I’m obsessed – with VOLUME!! I want a big fluffy Diana Ross-Esperanza Spaulding-blocking folks at the movies-caught in the car door-planet sized puff on top of my head!! …but thats just me 🙂