askpRoy: Hair Dye on Natural Hair


I just started to get color in my hair and I really, really like it a lot. I see that you keep color in your hair and I was wondering once it goes back to its orginal color, do you always go back and get it retouch? or do you give your hair a break for about 2 or 3 months and then get color again? 

-Kimberly J

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Kimberly J,
Yes, I do keep color in my hair which I love so much! To be very honest, I only really color my hair once a year. I don’t have an urge to keep my roots touched up because I like the two tone look, but once it grows out significantly, I do like to get it redone. My stylist is located in another state, so it is definitely a challenge going to see her to get my color done.

I would suggest doing what is best for you and your hair. If you want to see your color touched up regularly and don’t like the roots growing out significantly, I don’t see a problem going back to get them touched up. Strong suggestion: make sure you are going to a professional as they will make sure to not over process your hair and only touch up the area that needs to be colored.

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