MANE Events – GHOE Hair Styles

This past weekend was the homecoming celebration (Greatest Homecoming On Earth or “GHOE” as we Aggies like to refer to it) of my alma mater NC A&T SU, so that means I had to travel back to NC to take part of all of the festivities!

That also means that I had to be choosy of what I would bring as far as hair products. Quite naturally, since GHOE is a time where you want to be everywhere so that you can see everybody, I had to be ready to be down for whatever. I didn’t want to make my hair the main focus of my trip, so I strategically styled it so that I could get different looks without having to spend a large quantity of time on it.

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Before I left, I co-washed my hair with Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care Nourishing Conditioner which I received in my October curlBOX. I actually liked the tingling sensation I got from the wash! I followed through with the LustraSilk Moisture Max Creme Leave In Conditioner (not a fan) and and used my Cantu Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream and Twist and Lock Gel, along with my Eco Styler Gel (Argon Oil) to style my hair in the “Cascading Curls” hairstyle.

I called myself being proactive about my curls and didn’t separate them completely thinking, “as the days go by you can do more separating.” The Day Party told me otherwise, so in an effort to save my style, I wore my hair in an updo for the next few days.

On the yard, I sported a headwrap to change up my look.  I loved it!
Overall, I would say this was such an easy style! As I saw others battling the humidity factor and having to reapply heat or fix the frizz, I embraced whatever frizz came and kept it classy at the same time!! How was your hair styled this weekend?  If you attended GHOE, how was your hair styled?
  • Faye Wallace

    Loved the headwrap and the roll up-do! You were working it!