MANE Events – Straight Hair Video Tutorial

Straight Hair, Don’t Care!

 Yep!  I did it again!  I straightened my hair!

But it’s crazy how it happened.  Initially, I was going to straighten my hair last Sunday after I left a natural hair meet up with some ladies (hey ladies!!!), but I got lazy and just didn’t.  I also didn’t make it my mission to keep my hair stretched, so the combination of working out plus having blown out hair that was not properly stretched for maintenance well… it didn’t work out.

So, I found myself with a bush.  A tangled hot mess bush.  It was cute… but it was tangled, and I was over it.

For the video tutorial of how I straighten my hair and to see if my hair reverted back, click the jump!

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I found the strength to wash my hair… again, and bit the bullet!  The weather was in full cooperation with my straight hair wishes, so I blow-dried my hair using the tension method and finished off with a nice flat iron.  I have gotten a request of how I flat-ironed my hair from when I previously wore it straight, and since I don’t do it often, I figured I should record the footage … so this tutorial is very in the moment.

My camera battery died (go figure), so I used my phone to record this video.  The quality is still good and everything, so take a look!

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Like before, I DID NOT flat iron my hair in between time.  I pretty much did everything exactly the same as before, so if you want to know details (written ones), this is a good place to look.

6 days post initial flat iron

And to address the question before it is even asked:

“Did you acquire any heat damage?”

I’ll let this picture answer for you…

How often do you straighten your hair (if at all)?  What products do you use to protect your strands?