Natural Hair: Carlyne

 Carlyne is a natural haired beauty that does it all!  She has cut, colored, protected and whatever else you can think of to her hair, but in doing so, she has always maintained a healthy head of hair (and always rocks gorgeous styles).  Come be inspired by Carlyne as she discusses her reasons for going natural, her favorite hair products, and some words of wisdom to those considering going the natural route.

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Name, Age, Location.
My name is Carlyne b.k.a (do people still do those anymore?) Creolelioness, I celebrated my 7th annual 21st birthday recently…so Im 21yrs old! and I live somewhere in Florida.

How did your natural hair journey begin?
My natural hair journey begin back when I was in college. I was probably a Junior in college and I wanted to go natural, but all my friends looked at me crazy and had lots of jokes. I started to do it anyways but when I didn’t know what to do with my hair and the transition it was going through I permed it. Then in 2008 I decided I would give it another try no matter what anyone said and I would find a way to deal with my hair. At this time I didn’t know about the natural hair community on Youtube so my thought process was “I have to deal with my hair” instead of me saying “Im going to learn to love my hair“.

The reason why I went natural was because I got tired of the pain I went through when I got a relaxer. There were too many rules: don’t scratch your hair before a perm, make sure you apply a base to your whole head plus face, plus neck, plus ears, etc before applying. And even then I still was getting burned! It was just too much!!!!

How, better than anyone, do you describe your hair?
Ok, so I’m not into all these numbers and letters, but my hair is very thick (very thick) and about shoulder length. It absorbs moisture and cooperates better when it’s moisturized

Three hair products you can’t live without. Go.
Coconut oil! Eco styler gel! Hello Hydration Conditioner! and I know I’m breaking the rules, but here’s another: Dr. Bronners Castile soap (I just love the way it feels on my hair)

What is your current hair care/styling regimen? Any special treatments?
At the moment, I try to wash every two weeks. I shampoo with Dr. Bronners Castile soap if needed, I condition with Hello Hydration and I style with both Hello Hydration and coconut oil. If I need a deep treatment I use Neem oil(I purchased this oil at my local Indian store. It is good for dandruff and also helps strengthen the hair. It has a strong smell to it but it gets the job done) and any other conditioner I may have and sit under the dryer for an hour or I’ll leave it on all day if I am not going anywhere. 

My hair is usually in a protective style for the most part. I get Urban twists from The Damn Salon which usually lasts me for a good 3 months. When it isn’t in a protective style, I usually do twist outs.

There may be some readers who aspire to take the plunge into the natural hair world. Any words of wisdom?
No one knows your hair better than you do. And when you are in the beginning stages of the process you yourself are learning your hair all over again, so don’t let anyone tell you what WILL work and what WILL not. You will have to go through trial and error to find what works and what doesn’t work. Just ’cause what I use makes my hair look a certain way doesn’t mean that same product will do that for you.

Thanks a bunch for the feature. I love you!

Love you, too, girl!

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