Natural Hair: Combating Curly Roots While Wearing Hair Straight

I know for me, I absolutely DISDAIN when I spend all that time straightening my hair only for my roots to convert in .2 seconds!  Argh!  What’s the point, right?

Well, I’ve somewhat mastered the ability to keep my roots contained while wearing the straight style.

Wanna know my secrets?

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  1. Check that weather forecast!  Believe it or not, the lack of humidity does my straight hair some good!  My hair will not revert back as quickly because there is little to no moisture in the air to make it.  I opt to wear straight styles during times when there is no rain and when it is cooler (50 degrees or below) in temperature.
  2. Wrap your hair.  Flat wraps are my favorite to get my roots nice and flat, but I will also use rollers if I want my hair to have a curls.  The tension from the roller (make sure it is not TOO tight) will straighten out your roots.  Additionally, use a silk/satin scarf to tie down your hair for even more protection and flatness.
  3. Avoid water based products.  During the times I wear my hair straight, I use silicone based products.  That’s my preference and it works excellent with my hair.  Cones don’t work for everyone – but they do for me!! *does happy dance*
  4. Scalp massage with oil.  Yes, I use oil on my scalp/roots to keep them nice and laid.  You see, contrary to popular belief that my hair is a greased up mess, it’s not – at all.  It moves, it has body and it is straight.  I have a video on how I maintain my straight hair below:
Eventually, it becomes inevitable and those straight roots will gain a little texture.  I can usually keep my hair straight for about 2 weeks before I’m either over it or I need a good wash.
What are some practices you implement to keep your roots straight when you are wearing your curly hair in a straight style?